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Understanding the Nerve Pain in Your Foot

www.PatelPodiatry.com Quite often people come in with an annoying problem in their feet. They feel like they are walking on something, as they have a pain that goes into their toes that is a sharp, shooting pain or a zinger. It is a mysterious pain that it hard to describe and hard to diagnosis. So when I get those patients, which is quite often, I figure out via examination, x-rays, and ultrasounds that they may have a neuroma. This is a nerve impingement or a nerve that is irritated between your toes, and it can give you all different sorts of symptoms such as burning pain, shooting pain, or the feeling of walking on a pebble inside your foot. Once we diagnosis this, we can treat it with shoe therapy, making sure you are wearing the right shoes or have the right support system. Sometimes we inject you to calm the pain down, otherwise the pain can be quite disabling where you cannot walk properly. You start limping and creating other problems in your legs or back because you aren’t walking properly. To make sure you are treated properly, contact us for an evaluation with a podiatrist at 203-876-7736 or online at http://www.patelpodiatry.com/contact.cfm.


Dr. Sanjay V. Patel
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Dr. Patel has over 30 years of experience in the field of podiatric medicine and podiatric surgery.