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Family Foot Care & Surgery, LLC

"I'm truly grateful for the care you provided me and my daughter."

I'm a 40-year-old woman who has been getting treatment by Dr. Patel for several conditions. My experience with Dr. Patel has always been very professional, reassuring, and stress free!

The first time I met him, he made me feel very comfortable with his gentle and soft-spoken voice. He really took his time to get to know me, hear my issues, and not rush the visit. Subsequent visits have never been rushed, either. I've visited him for several reasons, and on each occasion I have left his office 100% satisfied--and I mean that!

I'm currently suffering from reoccurring bouts of painful plantar fasciitis, which affects my job as a physical therapist. He immediately relieved the pain with cortisone shots, which I thank God for because it allowed me to be able to work. He also taught me some important stretches and exercises to keep the pain from worsening, and he provided me with a boot that helps apply a stretch to the muscles and fascia that are involved in this painful condition. He just covered all aspects of care and didn't make me have to come back several times. In addition, his staff is very knowledgeable, sweet, and attentive! I've never had an insurance problem I had to deal with or wait to be seen longer than 15 minutes. 

Dr. Patel has also treated my daughter for a condition that took months for the pediatrician to try to heal. My daughter had a painful plantar wart for months. It was very stubborn! I wanted to have her be seen by Dr. Patel immediately, but her insurance required that she be seen by a pediatrician and they would have to recommend a specialist if all other treatments failed. Well, after months of pain and useless treatments at the pediatrician’s office, we were finally given permission for her to see a podiatrist. Of course, we chose to see Dr. Patel and he eradicated the problem almost immediately! It took just two visits to take care of her issue -- one for treatment, and a follow-up to see the healing. It was GONE by the time she came back for the follow up.

So if you ask me and my daughter how we feel about Dr. Patel ... we love him! I have recommended him to numerous people and I hope they have taken my advice! I'm grateful that he has a practice in Milford, close to my home, but I would travel to see him as well. Dr. Patel is the "complete package" when it comes to finding a great doctor! He's very polite, soft-spoken, reassuring, professional, caring, funny, and most of all a healer. Thank you, Dr. Patel, for all that you do and continue to do for me and so many of us under your care. I'm truly grateful and appreciate the care that you have provided to me and my daughter!

Raquel T., Milford, CT