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"For a successful bunion surgery, you need a great physician."

Almost nine years ago in November I had my first bunion surgery on my right foot.

Six weeks ago I had a second bunion surgery—this time on my left foot. Both times the surgeries were perfectly performed by Dr. Patel. In both cases, I experienced no pain whatsoever and I was back on my feet in three weeks. At six weeks I can honestly say that I am 99% back to normal. By back to normal I mean that I am wearing most of my shoes comfortably and am back to swimming a mile each day.

Surgery, even bunion surgery, is no small undertaking. Most of us are busy with families, jobs, and other activities so the thought of being off our feet recuperating is daunting. Who will take care of the house? How will my projects at work be completed? The kids need to be driven to activities. The list goes on and on and ultimately we delay taking care of what really needs to be done surgically in order to enjoy better health.

Similar to nine years ago, I decided to address the bunion that was slowly forming on my foot immediately. I asked Dr. Patel after my first surgery two questions. The first was would the bunion on my right foot return? He responded by saying, “Not in our lifetime.” That made me immensely happy. My second question was how soon he thought I would have to worry about my left foot. He accurately predicted “six to ten years.”

In order to have a successful surgery and recovery, you need a great physician. I strongly recommend Dr. Patel. He is a skilled doctor with a very patient and caring way about him. Secondly, don’t wait to have bunion surgery until you are in excruciating pain. I scheduled my surgery at the point that the bunion was beginning to be noticeable. Thirdly, follow doctor’s orders. By that I mean ice your foot as directed, keep it elevated and stay off your feet. Dr. Patel knows what he is talking about so follow his instructions. You are in great hands with Dr. Patel and his staff. They are the best in every way.

Liz Maurer of Milford

Liz M