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Why are my toes itchy?

There are many causes of itchy toes, but one of the most common is athlete’s foot. This fungal infection grows on your feet when the conditions are right, drying out and breaking down the top layers of skin. While the infection can develop anywhere on the feet, it is mostly found between your toes. This is called interdigital or toe web athlete’s foot. It causes an itching, burning sensation on your toes and may produce a slight, foul smell. As it worsens, the skin peels and may crack or become scaly. A severe case may open your foot up to a secondary bacterial infection, which causes additional deterioration in the skin and a strong odor.

Athlete’s foot on the toes, or anywhere else for that matter, will not improve on its own. You need intentional treatment to eliminate the pathogen causing the problem in order to prevent complications like fungal nails. Let Dr. Sanjay Patel at Family Foot Care & Surgery, L.L.C. help you with your itching feet. Use the website request form or call one of our offices directly to make an appointment: (203) 876-7736 for the Milford, CT office, or (203) 288-4055 for the location in Hamden.

Dr. Sanjay V. Patel
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Dr. Patel has over 20 years of experience in the field of podiatric medicine and podiatric surgery.