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How can I prevent plantar fasciitis?

You can prevent plantar fasciitis by taking steps to support your foot, which will relax the ligament and condition your feet to better handle stress. Wear shoes with sufficient arch support and cushioning for your heels. If you have an especially low or high midfoot, you may need an orthotic to help stabilize your arch. Stretch your feet and your calves regularly, too. Massaging the sole of your foot with a small ball or frozen water bottle is particularly good for this. Strengthening the foot with physical therapy exercises can help you absorb shock better and also prevent some irritation in the foot.

If you’re already struggling with heel pain from plantar fasciitis, don’t ignore the issue and hope it will get better on its own. This condition needs treatment to relieve the strain on your feet. The sooner you catch the condition, the better—plantar fasciitis is easier to remedy when addressed early. Request more information or an appointment from Family Foot Care & Surgery, L.L.C., to take care of your heels. Call either of our two offices, (203) 288-4055 for Hamden and (203) 876-7736 for Milford or find us on Facebook. 

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