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Tips for Running on Snow and Ice

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It’s that time of year again, when the weather is cold and New England gets covered in snow and ice. If the storms that hit the region earlier this season are any indication, it’s going to be a difficult, snowy winter. While this drives many athletes indoors, some runners hate making the switch from road to treadmill and would rather push through the wintery weather. Running on ice and snow isn’t bad for your feet, but it does change the game a little.

Running in winter obviously has different challenges from running during the summer. Keeping warm and dry, avoiding injuries, and staying safe are a little more difficult in the ice and slush. There are, however, ways to protect your body and keep up with your routines. Here are a few tips for running on snow and ice:

  • Dress well – You don’t want to under or overdress. Too many thick layers and you’ll overheat. Too few and you’ll freeze. Wear a few thin, thermal layers with fabrics that wick away moisture, and cover as much skin as possible. Make sure you use a hat and gloves as well. Pick bright, visible colors, too, since it gets dark early and you may be harder for others to see.
  • Choose the right footwear – In winter, mesh is not your friend. Wear shoes that won’t let in a lot of moisture, and choose socks that wick perspiration away from your feet. Consider getting shoe clips to increase your traction. 
  • Warm up right – Don’t neglect this all-important part of running. The cold will stiffen your muscles. Get them ready with dynamic warm ups before you even step outside.
  • Choose safety over speed – You might not be able to run as fast as you normally do without slipping. Slow down and stay safe.
  • Hydrate properly – Water is still vital, and you still sweat in winter. Drink as much water as you would during the summer.


Running in winter is possible and can be great for your training. Just remember to take care of your feet and address any pain or problems right away. The whole team at Family Foot Care & Surgery, L.L.C. can help with any concerns or running issues you have. Just use the website or call our Connecticut offices to reach us: (203) 288-4055 for the Hamden location, or (203) 876-7736 for the Milford office.

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