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Dr. Patel's Children's Foot Care Blog

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  • What Causes Out-Toeing in Children? There are several causes of out-toeing in children, some much more common than others. Dr. Sanjay Patel of Hamden, CT explains.
  • Why Your Kids’ Feet Smell So Much Even when it’s not the Halloween season, children’s smelly feet can be monstrous. Dr. Sanjay Patel explains why kids’ feet tend to be smellier.
  • Shoes for School Season The right shoes are important for your child’s feet. Dr. Sanjay Patel offers tips for finding the best shoes for your kids during back-to-school sale time.
  • Sever's Disease and Baseball Family Foot Care & Surgery in Milford, CT explains Sever’s disease and how you can help your child avoid this common heel injury during baseball season.
  • Treating Toe Walking in Children Family Foot Care & Surgery in Milford, CT explains the causes of toe walking and when parents should seek medical attention.
  • Is Being Pigeon-Toed a Problem? Family Foot Care & Surgery in Milford, CT explains the causes of pigeon-toe and symptoms that warrant seeking treatment.
  • Foot Care During Pregnancy Dr. Sanjay Patel offers foot care tips for pregnant women. Edema also know as swollen feet can often occur due to added pressure.
  • Flat Feet in Children Flat feet in children is very common. Age, genetics and severity of pain are all factors when seeking treatment.
  • 3 Tips to Protect Your Child's Feet Foot specialist Sanjay Patel gives advice about child foot care. Pediatric podiatry is one of Sanjay Patel's specialties.