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How to Tell If Your Child’s Feet Hurt (Even If They Don’t Tell You)

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How to Tell if Your Child's Feet Hurt

Children have a lot of energy. They run, they jump, they play—and sometimes they get hurt. Many times, though, kids don’t like to stop for pain, or don’t say anything when they have it. That’s a problem for parents, who can’t help fix a problem they don’t know exists. Paying attention to your son or daughter’s foot health and behavior can help you catch signs that not all is well with your little one’s feet, so you can get your children’s foot pain taken care of right away.

Kids’ feet and lower legs hurt for a variety of reasons. Toenails can become ingrown, shoes can be too tight, injuries happen while playing, and so on. Sometimes children are very vocal about what hurts them. Other times they don’t say a word for a long time, if at all. Still, certain behaviors and symptoms can clue you in to children’s foot pain, so you can get them the help they need when they’re not open about foot issues. Here are a few tips for spotting potential foot problems in your child:

  • Your child starts limping – An uneven, limping gait may be a sign that walking or putting weight on one foot is uncomfortable for your child.
  • Your active child loses interest favorite sports or games – When an active kid who loves sports, running, or otherwise being active suddenly doesn’t want to participate any more, it may be a sign that those activities cause foot pain. This is common with Sever’s disease.
  • Your child doesn’t want to wear certain shoes – If your child suddenly doesn’t want to wear a specific set of shoes, that footwear might be uncomfortable or too small.

There may be other signs, too, like a child who normally prefers to walk on his or her own suddenly wanting to be carried more often. Knowing your own child and what behaviors aren’t “normal” is the key, particularly if those behaviors favor one or both feet.

If you’re at all concerned your child may have foot pain, let our team at Family Foot Care & Surgery, LLC help you get to the root of the issue, and then take care of the pain. Contact our offices in Hamden and Milford, CT, for more information about identifying child foot pain, or to schedule a consultation. You can reach us online or by calling our offices: (203) 288-4055 for Hamden, or (203) 876-7736 for Milford.
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