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How the Feet Are a “Window” Into Your Health

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If you are ready to see something fascinating and can make it to the Connecticut Science Center, “Bodies Revealed” is an exhibit you don’t want to miss. Only available until January 14th, 2014, this exhibit will give you a deep, inside look into the amazing design of the human body. A “collection of over 200 real bodies offers a truly unique view of muscles, organs, nerves and bones.” Check it out before it’s gone!

While on the topic of getting an inside look, did you know that your feet are actually a “window” into your health? They probably aren’t a body part you pay much attention to until they have a problem. They are amazingly designed to withstand a great amount of stress and enable you to perform any movement and go where you need to go. They also offer clues to underlying problems and can be a good barometer of your overall health.

Let’s talk about hair first. If your feet are bald and you notice that there is no hair on your feet or your toes, it could be an indication of poor circulation from vascular disease. Feet that are always cold can also be a sign of poor circulation or if you are a woman, a sign of a thyroid problem. Toenails can also tell a lot. If they start to thicken and change color, it may be a sign of a fungal infection. This is an important clue to listen to as those with rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and immune deficiencies are often more susceptible to this condition. Toenails that are flat or spoon-like could indicate a lack of B vitamins. Small white spots could mean you lack zinc and fraying toenails can signal a lack in vitamin C. Numbness in your feet can result from nerve damage, also called peripheral neuropathy. This condition is common in those with diabetes and who abuse alcohol.

With so many reasons for foot problems, it makes it that much more important to get even the smallest of symptoms looked at. If you have foot pain or have noticed some new symptoms, don’t wait to contact Dr. Sanjay Patel at Family Foot Care & Surgery. Make an appointment today by calling our office in Hamden, CT at (203) 288-4055 or in Milford, CT at (203) 876-7736. 

Dr. Sanjay V. Patel
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Dr. Patel has over 30 years of experience in the field of podiatric medicine and podiatric surgery.
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