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  • Diabetic Foot Collapse Treatment It’s hard to face the unknown, especially when it comes to your health. Dr. Sanjay Patel in Hamden, CT, offers insight into treating Charcot foot.
  • Enjoy the Heat at a New Haven Beach! Connecticut is packed with family-friendly beaches! Podiatrist Sanjay Patel, DPM shares tips on great local spots, and how to keep your feet safe when you go.
  • Best Day Trips in Milford and New Haven What do you like to do? If you live in Milford, Hamden, or anywhere in the Greater New Haven area, a totally awesome (and totally unique) day of fun and exploration is never more than a few hours away.
  • 5 Great Hiking Trails Near Hamden, CT Looking to do a little hiking—or even “gentle” mountaineering—within a few miles of home? Here are a few of our recommendations.
  • Staycation Like a Pro for Spring Break Looking for great ideas to save some money and enjoy a "staycation" this spring break-perhaps while you recover from a foot injury? Dr. Sanjay Patel, foot doctor in Milford, CT, offers a few suggestions that can help.
  • Arthritic Foot Care Tips Foot and ankle arthritis is a common problem, especially among older Americans. But take heart! There are many smart, practical tips you can use to ease the pain and improve daily function.
  • How Does Shockwave Therapy Work? Dr. Patel discusses how shockwave therapy works for patients who are suffering from chronic heel pain. If that describes you, contact Patel Podiatry for help!
  • Shocking Relief for Foot Pain! Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is an effective treatment alternative that can relieve tough foot pain non-invasively.
  • Help for Feet that Are Flattening Out Dr. Sanjay Patel explains treatment options for painful arches that flatten out over the course of adulthood.
  • Does Fungal Nail Laser Treatment Work? It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t! Dr. Sanjay Patel in Milford, CT explains how fungal nail laser treatment really works.