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  • How to Keep Running with Neuropathy With the right treatments and precautions, many neuropathy sufferers are able to continue running regularly and safely.
  • Why Do I Have Pain When Curling My Toes? Pain when curling your toes could be the result of extensor tendonitis. Dr. Sanjay Patel has the knowledge and experience to help relieve your foot pain.
  • Stretches for Sports Injuries Don’t let sports injuries keep you on the sidelines! Instead, let Patel Podiatry Family Foot Care & Surgery, LLC help you get back on your feet – read our blog to find out how.
  • Summer in CT! Are Your Feet Ready? The CT summer is once again loaded with outdoor activities, beautiful vacations, and festivals. But if your feet are hurting, your opportunities are limited.
  • Running for a Cause Establishing a regular running routine offers countless health benefits. It might even help you change the world! Dr. Sanjay Patel, a foot doctor in Milford, CT, reviews some of the best reasons to go for a run.
  • No Doubt: What You Eat Is Linked to Gout If you have gout, eating a diet high in purines can increase your risk of attacks and leave you shrieking in pain. Dr. Sanjay Patel explains the link between diet and gout attacks, and talks about what to eat (and what to avoid).
  • Laughter *IS* the Best Medicine Patel Podiatry is founded on compassionate care for every patient. Part of this entails laughing when possible, since laughter truly is the best medicine.
  • Foot and Whole Body Health Are Linked Healthy feet help maintain a healthy body—and maintaining personal fitness can help protect your feet from injury and disease, too!
  • Can Compassion Heal Your Feet? Even if studies didn’t point to physical benefits derived from compassion, you would still receive compassionate care from Dr. Sanjay Patel.
  • Don’t Delay Treatment for Hammertoes If you wait too long, you may lose your opportunity to manage a mild hammertoe conservatively, and get stuck with pain and surgery.