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Do Your Orthotics Need to Be Refurbished?

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One of the great advantages of custom orthotics is that they’re built to last. While cheap drugstore insoles often disintegrate after a few months on the job, a well-made custom device can continue to provide cushioning and support for years.

Still, while tough and very durable, custom orthotics aren’t indestructible. Furthermore, like any tool or piece of equipment, proper care and maintenance will extend their lifespan. Just like you would tune up a bicycle in the spring or change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles, you should get your orthotics adjusted and refurbished periodically to keep them at peak effectiveness.

Why do orthotics need to be refurbished? Two reasons, mainly.

  • Feet naturally change shape over time. The perfect fit that you enjoy after first receiving your orthotics might not be so perfect anymore after a year or two. That doesn’t mean you need brand new orthotics, but it does mean we may need to make a few small adjustments to keep them as effective as possible.
  • Materials wear down and break with extensive use. Softer materials might need to be refurbished after one or two years, while graphite, plastics, and other harder materials hold up longer.

The way you use your orthotics matters. If you’re wearing them every day, you play a lot of high-impact sports, or you’re overweight, chances are your orthotics will break down faster.

Typically, we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment after you get your orthotics, usually at around the 1-year mark, then keep checking in periodically.

Some signs that you might be due for adjustment, refurbishing, or replacement of your custom orthotics include:

  • You’re starting to feel foot pain again.
  • You notice cracks or signs of wear on any of the components of your orthotic.
  • You notice uneven tread wear on shoes you wear with orthotics.
  • You’ve made a significant lifestyle change, such as losing or gaining a lot of weight, undergoing a surgery, pregnancy, etc.

Our team at Family Foot Care & Surgery provides high quality care and maintenance when it comes to your custom orthotics. If they can be adjusted, refurbished, or fixed while maintaining a high standard of effectiveness, we’re happy to do so. Our hope is that you are able to enjoy many pain-free years with your orthotics!

If you’re experiencing any kind of foot pain, or you think your custom orthotics may need to be adjusted or replaced, give us a call today at (203) 876-7736.

Dr. Sanjay V. Patel
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Dr. Patel has over 20 years of experience in the field of podiatric medicine and podiatric surgery.
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