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Ball of the Foot Pain - Don't Ignore It

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Have you ever told someone that they’re a pain in the neck? How about a pain in the ball-of-the-foot? Probably not, but this painful and hard to ignore foot condition is very real—it’s called Metatarsalgia. Often found at the base of toes 2, 3, and 4, it can also occur in the bones and joints of the big toe. This region is also known as the metatarsal area.

The ball-of-the-foot bears a lot of weight. Some people who have faulty foot mechanics place even more pressure here, because force is not distributed evenly over all areas of the foot. Over time, this can cause pain. One of the most common reasons for this condition is making poor footwear choices.

How often do you think, “Oh, I shouldn’t wear these shoes—they hurt my feet.” However, we often wear them anyway, because they’re the ones that match, or the ones that are in style.  Remember, foot pain is never “in style.” Consistently choosing shoes that don’t fit well, have narrow toe boxes, are high-heeled, or that just don’t fit the shape of the foot can lead to long-term foot pain.

Sometimes people who participate in high impact activities are prone to this condition. A reduction in the padding of the foot as we age can also contribute. Proper footwear and custom orthotics should provide additional shock absorption. 

Are you experiencing ball-of-the-foot pain? There’s no need to grimace with each step. Visit Dr. Sanjay Patel to learn more about treatment options available to you. Make an appointment with our friendly staff, call the Hamden, CT office at (203)288-4055, or the Milford, CT office at (203)876-7736.  Or, schedule an appointment online.

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