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Athlete's Foot - Stop the Spread

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Many people want to be like their favorite athlete, but no one wants Athlete’s Foot. This common scourge of the locker room is not only uncomfortable—it’s highly contagious. Also known as tinea pedis, this fungal infection of the feet can be spread from person-to-person, but it can also be contracted from contact with surfaces where the fungi live. 

The first line of defense with this condition is prevention. Wear shoes—even at the pool and in the locker room. Keep a pair of sandals, or flip flops in your gym bag, and avoid the moist breeding ground of the shower floor and pool deck. 

Keep your feet dry. If your socks and shoes get wet, change them right away. Sweaty feet? Use talcum powder, and choose lightweight shoes with good ventilation. Cotton socks provide better air flow to your feet. Also, let your shoes dry out by alternating your footwear. Fungi can grow in your shoes, so don’t share them!

If you do notice itching, dryness, cracked/scaly skin, and perhaps even blisters between your toes, you may have already developed this skin infection. Ignoring Athlete’s Foot can result in further spread of the infection to those that you come into contact with each day. Not only that, but the fungus can spread to your toenails, and while treatment of the skin is typically successful, fungal nails can be very difficult to resolve.

Are you suffering from itchy, cracked skin on your feet? Do you suspect Athlete’s Foot? Call Dr. Sanjay Patel today, and receive the treatment you need to stop the itch and prevent the spread of this common foot condition. Call the Hamden, CT office at (203) 288-4055, or the Milford, CT office at (203) 876-7736.  You can also request an appointment on-line.

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